The Blockchain Catalyst

ChainReactor uses proprietary Blockchains as core decentralized services to build Blockchain Technology.

We call them REACTORS

  1. Fast - very fast
  2. Uses Transact-SQL (T-SQL) to query Blockchain data
  3. Blockchain Sharding for increased transactional load capacity
  4. Settlement Finality - fully ACID
  5. Petabyte Capacity - highly scalable
  • Complex Data Management - Familiar tools and RDBMS with SQL and NoSQL support
  • Privacy Protection - Data is encrypted at rest and in motion
  • Global Identity Management - Singular authority
  • Smart Contracts - Verifiable executable code
  • Legacy Support - Protects current IT investments

ChainReactor utilizes node-attached, secure hardware devices to store private keys and perform smart hashing. Each node of a ChainReactor blockchain therefore requires both a hardware device and appropriately authorization to participate. This forms the basis for the permissioned schema.

Our ASIC hardware has the ability to change algorithms on the fly
- only our ASIC chips can do this.

This elliminates any chance of Reactors being successfully compromised.

Cryptographic Assets

ChainReactor's base cryptographic asset is ELEMENTS

Element features include:

  • Transaction fees are destroyed
  • Decay for inactive accounts
  • Zero Balance data removal
  • Multiple application mining

...Or create your own, tailor-made cryptographic assets.

Mining Elements

ChainReactor has eliminated the hashing arms race.


  • Single node mining only - pools are not allowed
  • Single speed for miners - multiple targets can be mined simultaneously by using multiple chips at the speed limit
  • Multiple block Targets - each ASIC chip can mine a different block

Trusted Cloud

ChainReactor is the premier trusted cloud database engine.

  • 100% Available
  • Trusted Blockchain Layer
  • SDS Software Defined Storage
  • Horizontal Scaling Add Nodes, Add Performance
  • Geolocational Awareness Optimum Service Provisioning
  • Single Signon Secure Digital Identity
  • Private or Public Clouds - or Hybrid Clouds, ChainReactor changes the picture.

Using ChainReactor

We are conducting a private beta release.

Annoucement of the public availability of ChainReactor will follow.