The greatest challenge facing regulators lies in implementing reforms, innovation and liberalization, while understanding the impact any changes have on stability and systemic risk.

Desired Criteria:

  • Standards
  • Efficiencies
  • Faster Processes
  • Transparency
  • Security

Achieving adoption of new technology, such as blockchain, will require a broadly applicable platform that delivers in terms of the minimum requirements, while demonstrating considerable gains for regulators and major players.

The tremendous value being transacted daily in the markets means any solution must exhibit stability, scalability and throughput in order to even be considered.



  • Scalability, reliability and resilience
  • Privacy with highly secure access control to safeguard value
  • Veracity and trust extendable across commercial interactions
  • Intrinsic tokenization options
  • Protects current investments in skills and infrastructure
  • Greatly reduces cost and complexity
  • Real-time availability of analysis and indicators