Our history

Built for Enterprise. A diverse and extensive exposure to global enterprise IT has guided our approach...

Year - 2015

Sep 23

Aug 01

Ethereum Frontier

Sep 25 Dec 13

Laboratory Work

Year - 2016

5 Jan


Jan 11

First Project

Apr 27

Gen 1 Hardware Integration Successful

Apr 12

Hong Kong Office Opening

Year - 2016

Jul 21

Gen 2 ASIC Development Begins

Jul 1

Beta Release

Jul 16 Aug 19

Beta Program

Year - 2016

We are ChainReactor

We are taking applications for candidates to stand up nodes in our global beta program.

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We will select candidates based on technical acumen, industry positioning, and geography.

Our goal is to test the speed, throughputs and usability of ChainReactor

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We Offer:

  • Fast Processing & Settlement
  • Hack Proof
  • Horizontal Sharding
  • Hardware Security Layer
  • Threat Detection and responses
  • 100% Uptime
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